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Endoscopic Ear Surgery

What is endoscopic ear surgery?

Endoscopy of the ear is done by placing a rigid endoscope with camera into the ear to examine both the exterior and middle portions of the ear. The ear canal, ear drum(tympanic membrane) and middle ear can all be evaluated in the outpatient to understand the cause of the disease.


The panoramic and brilliant view shows all the details of this intricate structure on a big screen. This helps a clinician in diagnosing and treating the ear diseases with greater precision.


Endoscopy for the middle ear was first described for Meret. al. in 1967. Nomura, in 1982, was the first to pass an endoscope through a small opening in the ear drum and examine the middle ear cavity. Poe et al popularized endoscopy in otology in early 1990s. Things have evolved a great extent from there on.

The advantages of using an endoscope in the ear for surgery are:
  • The ear drum can be visualized with minimal manipulation.
  • Image produced is sharp and of high resolution.
  • Hidden areas of the middle ear can be visualized with angled telescopes.
  • Angled telescopes can show niches and corners which may be missed while using a microscope.
  • Visualizes structures from multiple angles as compared to single axis view of microscope.
  • Many operations of the ear are possible using endoscopes. Few of these examples are as follows:
    • Removal of unwanted skin.
    • Removal of ear polyps.
    • Removal of granulation tissue under visualization.
    • Insertion of ventilation tubes for deafness.
    • Ear drum grafting procedure.
    • Hearing bones can be replaced and repaired.
    • Removal of residual cholesteatoma.
    • Removing disease from deep hidden areas of the middle ear.
  • Stapes surgery

    Endoscopic ear surgery is a fast developing field requiring learning curve, experience but helps immensely in treating patients with least morbidity and satisfactory results and no visible cuts or stitches.

    Endoscopic ear surgery performed with no stitches and without any external cut