Diseases of Voice box and Wind pipe
  • Patients presenting with change in voice, difficulty in breathing and swallowing present in ENT outpatient clinics quite regularly.
  • The reasons for these symptoms can vary from simple vocal cord nodules ,polyps or sinister cancer.
  • Diagnosis and treatment can follow a basic endoscopic examination in the Outpatient chamber.

    Voice Box Airway Surgery using either Microscope or Endoscopes for simple benign diseases causing change in voice

    Difficult Wind pipe problems can treated by Laser Surgery including narrowing of windpipe which causes difficulty in breathing , a kind of Emergency situation. Children at times present with foreign bodies in the wind pipe which needs immediate attention as this can be a life threatening situation.

    Complete narrowing of airway needs at times open Tracheal (wind pipe ) Surgery with satisfactory results

    In certain circumstances Tracheal Stenting may be required to solve complex problems of airway narrowing. Stents help in restoring the shape of the wind pipe and prevents collapse or repeat narrowing of the airway.

  • Laser and stent in stenosis
  • Stents In Trachea